SNIS-383 (UNCENSORED) A Wife Do Not Stop Strangling The Neck Of Herself To Further Her Sexual Desire. Tia

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Release Date: 26/09/2020

Category: Censored , NTR , Big boob , Big ass , Big Butt , Slut , Married Woman , Uncensored , Beautiful Girl

Actress: Tia

Tags: SNIS- , S1 NO.1 STYLE Jav , SNIS-383 , SNIS-383 JAV

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Summary on SNIS-383 Jav: A wife who got herself immerse in strangling, similar to bondage but lighter after she have been rape by a buglar after seeing this beauty alone at home....

SNIS-383 Tia Jav: Is the main act as in role of a wife who living with her husband and her husband usually going for work and only come home later at night.

One days, when she just about to prepare a lunch the suddenly a buglar come to restraint her and keep strangling her while rape her. She just succumb to it and remain silent so that he would not kill her.

But after that, she suddenly appear to be addicted to get herself strangled while she doing sex to improve her sexual desire fetish she was so immense so that she would let anyone who know her fetish have sex with her if they strangling her thought.

This is an uncensored jav version of SNIS-383 of Tia, sadly she retired....but your video will be miss

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