RCTD-348 A Miracle Watches That Can Stop Time So I Can Do Whatever I Want. Stop Time Part 18 Rika Aimi

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Release Date: 08/09/2020

Category: Censored , Big boob , MILF , Big ass , Big Butt , Slut , Nurse

Actress: Rika Aimi

Tags: RCTD-348 , RCTD-348 Jav , RCTD- , Rocket Jav

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Summary on RCTD-348 Jav: I got to the hospital after overwork myself. But after i woke up at the hospital i notice that there is a huge watch that attach to my hand. When i press a button, everything is frozen, including time and people too....

RCTD-348 Rika Aimi Jav: Is a main act who in role of a caring nurse who faithful to her patient and got loved by coworker and her patient.
One days, after day to day helping a man who overworking him self and got hospitalize she notice that this guys have a freaking big watch that not really match his hands though.
On the other hand, the man who is wearing a watch that have magical power is testing it's power right at the hospital and confirm with his own eyes that the thing about stop time is really works
And so, he used that power to satisfy his own sexual urge....
RCTD-348 is a part 18 of popular man's fantasy about stop time and they could do whatever they want in that time though. But in this time, the main act is not on various artist but on only the rising star with innocent face and fairy big boob Rika Aimi though.
Her previous release have an interesting themes video too, so i think you might want to check it out Here

Anyways, enjoy and see you in the next review!