MIAA-307 Every Day, My Boss, Who I Hates To Death, Literally Tears My Pantyhose Apart... Just to Satisfy His Sexual Pleasure Nanase Hina

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Release Date: 30/08/2020

Category: Censored , Underwear , Big ass , Office Lady , Big Butt

Actress: Nanase Hina

Tags: MIAA- , MIAA-307 , MIAA-307 jav , MOODYZ Jav , Minna No Kikatan Jav

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Sum on MIAA-307 Jav: So a father who is in debt to a boss of a company and don't know how to pay it back. He decided to let his lovely daughter come to his boss company to working and he will find a way to managed his money for him.

MIAA-307 Nanase Hina Jav: Is a daughter of a man who got in debt to a boss of a large company and agree to his father come to his company while he find a way to pay it back him money.
The boss in MIAA-307 know that this girl is a daughter of a person who in debt of him so he make a full use of her while this girl extort a beauty and give of a vibe of how to coordination her clothes with pantyhose.
As day gone by, this boss is start to addicted to her pantyhose she wearing and as not much surprise he would take this girl down and fuck this girl real good.
Later at night, when her daughter confess with his father about sexual harassed her father beg for her to endure for a little more and he will get her out soon (lol).
The following day, it's a day that this girl become his boss secretary and got her self drown in humiliated by letting this boss doing whatever and whenever the fetish that he likes, even put a tight pantyhose on his face and snucking up to her pussy too (lol).

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