DSVR-01494 [VR] Nude Model Experience VR. Where You Are The Only Man, Seduced By JK With Her Completely Naked Harem Attractive Body.

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ID Code: DSVR-01494

Release Date: 30/03/2024

Category: Censored , Underwear , Highschool girl , Slut , Harem , VR , Beautiful Legs

Actress: Ueda Sana , Takeuchi Misuzu , Marui Moeka


Studio Label: SOD Create

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In the core of Sakura Secondary School, settled among cherry bloom trees and reverberating with the chuckling of understudies, there existed a practice not at all like some other — a dynamic and euphoric celebration held every year to invite rookies to the school. Also, at the focal point, all things considered, were three senior young ladies — Marui Moeka, Takeuchi Misuzu, and Ueda Sana — who had made it their main goal to guarantee that each newbie felt totally at ease from the second they ventured through the school entryways.

With their irresistible enthusiasm and limitless energy, Marui, Misuzu, and Sana were referred to all through the school as the "Welcome Board of trustees" — a triplet of companions who exceeded all expectations to cause newbies to feel appreciated and acknowledged. From sorting out direction meetings to arranging elaborate welcome gatherings, they pulled out all the stops in guaranteeing that each newbie felt like a loved individual from the Sakura High family.

As the school year started once again, Marui, Misuzu, and Sana anxiously anticipated the appearance of the most up to date bunch of understudies, their hearts loaded up with fervor and expectation for the merriments that lay ahead. Equipped with bright standards, decorations, and an interminable stock of energy, they set to work changing the school grounds into a stunning wonderland of lights and giggling — an incredible sight for all who went through its entryways.

As time passes, the fervor in the air became discernible, as murmurs of the forthcoming celebration spread all through the school like quickly. Furthermore, as the eagerly awaited day at last showed up, the school ejected into a furor of movement, with understudies humming with expectation for the celebrations to come.

From the second the rookies showed up, Marui, Misuzu, and Sana were there to welcome them with great enthusiasm and comforting grins, their countenances land with fervor as they invited every newbie into the overlap. With their unlimited energy and irresistible excitement, they made it their central goal to guarantee that each rookie felt totally at ease from the second they ventured through the school entryways.

As the merriments started off vigorously, the school grounds woke up with the sound of music, chuckling, and blissful festival. From conventional moves to exuberant exhibitions, there was something for everybody to appreciate as understudies of any age met up to commend the soul of brotherhood and companionship that characterized Sakura High.

However, maybe the feature of the celebration was the stupendous welcome party coordinated by Marui, Misuzu, and Sana — a dining experience for the faculties that left novices and prepared understudies the same in stunningness of their unlimited imagination and irresistible energy. With a stunning cluster of food slows down, sideshow attractions, and live diversion, the party was a genuine demonstration of the force of fellowship and local area.

As the night wore on, Marui, Misuzu, and Sana ended up cleared up in the hurricane of energy, their hearts full to overflowing with delight as they watched rookies and lifelong companions the same meet up in festival. Furthermore, as they watched out at the ocean of grinning faces before them, they realize that they had prevailed in their central goal — to establish an inviting and comprehensive climate where everybody felt like they had a place.

However, in the midst of the giggling and cheer, there was a more profound feeling of direction that drove Marui, Misuzu, and Sana forward — a craving to have an effect in the existences of others and leave an enduring effect on their school local area. For eventually, it wasn't just about setting up an extraordinary party or coordinating fun exercises — it was tied in with spreading adoration, graciousness, and acknowledgment to all who crossed their way.

What's more, as the celebration attracted to a nearby and understudies bid goodbye to one more year of recollections and fellowships made, Marui, Misuzu, and Sana couldn't resist the opportunity to feel a deep satisfaction and satisfaction wash over them. For in their souls, they realize that they had prevailed in their main goal — to make a school local area where everybody felt invited, esteemed, and acknowledged for who they genuinely were./