DSVR-01456 【Vr】 “So We Met Again, Shall We Have Sex?” My Ex-Girlfriend Is The Female President Of My Business Partner!! Maybe It Became Interesting Wh

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ID Code: DSVR-01456

Release Date: 02/04/2024

Category: Censored , Lingerie , Office Lady , Slut , Virtual Girlfriend , Naughty Game , VR , Hotel

Actress: Nagano Tsukasa


Studio Label: SOD Create

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In the clamoring city of NeoTokyo, where high rises transcended like monsters and neon lights painted the night sky with shades of electric blue and neon pink, there existed a universe of ferocious contest and corporate interest. At the core of this world was Tsukasa Nagano, a lady whose desire consumed like a fire inside her spirit, everything she might do determined and exact.

Tsukasa had mauled her direction to the highest point of the company pecking order with steady assurance and steadfast purpose. From her unassuming starting points as an understudy at Yamato Ventures to her ongoing situation as President, she had confronted endless impediments and foes, every one just filling her crave achievement.

Yet, in the midst of the fabulousness and charm of her powerful profession, there waited a phantom from quite a while ago — a shadow that wouldn't be thrown away. His name was Hiroshi Takahashi, a man who had once held Tsukasa's heart in the center of his hand prior to breaking it into 1,000,000 pieces.

As destiny would have it, Hiroshi was currently Tsukasa's colleague, his simple presence a steady indication of the aggravation and sorrow she had persevered at his hands. However, in spite of the harshness that took steps to consume her, Tsukasa stayed unflinching in her purpose, her eyes fixed solidly on the award.

One critical evening, as the sun plunged beneath the skyline and the city hummed with the energy of 1,000 spirits, Tsukasa ended up eye to eye with Hiroshi again. They were going to a high-profile occasion to praise the send off of their most recent endeavor — an endeavor that could sling them to much more prominent levels of progress.

As Tsukasa moved toward Hiroshi with a cool grin, she was unable to smother the recollections that overwhelmed her psyche — the late evenings spent poring over bookkeeping sheets, the murmured commitments of perpetually, the severe taste of selling out that had waited all the rage.

Yet, Tsukasa was not one to choose not to move on, for she realize that her future lay before her, ready to be seized with two hands. With a flick of her wrist and a smooth bow, she stretched out her hand to Hiroshi, her eyes shining earnestly.

"Hi, Hiroshi," she said, her voice as smooth as silk. "It's been quite a while."

Hiroshi's eyes enlarged in shock at seeing Tsukasa, his demeanor a combination of wonder and reverence. "Tsukasa," he said, his voice scarcely over a murmur. "You look...incredible."

Tsukasa simply grinned accordingly, her look unflinching. "Much obliged to you, Hiroshi. Will we?"

Furthermore, with that, they advanced into the celebration, their strides reverberating in the enormous corridors of the extravagant setting. As they blended with the city's tip top, Tsukasa really wanted to see the manner in which heads turned and murmurs continued afterward — a demonstration of the power and impact they employed.

Yet, in the midst of the fabulousness and charm of the occasion, there waited a strain that stewed just underneath the surface — a pressure brought into the world of long periods of unsettled sentiments and implicit cravings. Furthermore, as the night wore on, Tsukasa ended up attracted unyieldingly to Hiroshi, her heart beating in her chest like a drumbeat.

As time passes, the distance between them restricted until all in all nothing remained except for the popping energy that arced between their bodies like lightning in the night sky. What's more, at that time, as they remained on the slope of something implicit and implicit, Tsukasa realize that she had a decision to pursue — a decision that would decide the course of her predetermination.

With a consistent hand and a decided heart, Tsukasa contacted Hiroshi, her touch as delicate as a murmur. "I have something to tell you," she said, her voice scarcely over a murmur.

Hiroshi's eyes looked through hers, his demeanor a combination of trust and yearning. "What is it, Tsukasa?"

Furthermore, as the words spilled from her lips like petals from a cherry bloom tree, Tsukasa realize that she had at last tracked down the boldness to talk her reality — a reality that had lain lethargic inside her heart for a really long time.

"I actually love you, Hiroshi," she said, her voice shudder with feeling. "Yet, I won't permit myself to be characterized by our past. I'm more than the amount of my wrecked parts, and I won't let you or any other person hold up traffic of my fantasies."

Hiroshi's eyes augmented in shock at seeing Tsukasa's weakness, his heart throbbing with the heaviness of her words. "Tsukasa," he said delicately, his voice loaded up with lament. "I...I never intended to hurt you."

In any case, Tsukasa only shook her head, her look immovable. "It doesn't make any difference, Hiroshi. No point in bringing this up again. However, from this second forward, I won't permit anybody to keep me down — not even you."

Also, with that, Tsukasa changed direction suddenly and left, her head held high and her heart burning earnestly. For at that time, she had understood that her value was not characterized by the adoration for a man, but rather by the strength and versatility that consumed inside her spirit — a strength that would convey her forward on the excursion that could only be described as epic./