DSVR-01379 [VR] (Facial/Ceiling Specialized): Maid Is Only For Love Hoshino Riko, Serves You Anytime, Anywhere, With The Superb Chin-Shabu Techniques

Movie Information:

ID Code: DSVR-01379

Release Date: 02/04/2024

Category: Censored , Big boob , Slut , Virtual Girlfriend , Pantyhose , Maid , VR

Actress: Hoshino Riko


Studio Label: SOD Create

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In the beautiful town of Sakura Slopes, where cherry blooms moved in the delicate breeze and the fragrance of jasmine hung weighty in the air, there existed a curious little tea house known as Serenity Shelter. Inside its comfortable limits stayed Hoshino Riko, a house keeper whose adoration exceeded all rational limitations, her heart a wellspring of commitment that streamed openly to all who crossed her way.

With her delicate disposition and comforting grin, Riko was a signal of light in the existences of those she served. Her midnight secures flowed like silk her back, her doe-like eyes holding a profundity of feeling that said a lot without expressing a word. In any case, it was her enduring dedication and magnanimity that genuinely separate her, all her activities a demonstration of the profundity of her adoration.

For Riko cherished only one — her lord, the perplexing and slippery figure who had caught her heart like a butterfly in a net. As far as she might be concerned, he was the sun around which her reality rotated, the wellspring of light and warmth that enlightened even the haziest of days. What's more, however she tried not talk her adoration resoundingly, all her motions bore the undeniable engraving of her dedication.

One fresh pre-winter morning, as the leaves turned and the air developed cool, Riko got a letter that would steer her fate until the end of time. It was a greeting from her lord, coaxing her to go along with him for tea in the isolated nursery that lay taken cover behind the walls of their asylum.

With shaking hands and a heart loaded with expectation, Riko wore her best clothing — a basic yet rich kimono embellished with sensitive cherry blooms — and advanced toward the nursery, her means light as a quill upon the earth.

As she entered the nursery, she found her lord sitting tight for her underneath the shade of a blooming cherry tree, his presence like a salve to her spirit. With a smooth bow, she moved toward him, her heart beating in her chest like a drumbeat.

"My dear Riko," her lord said delicately, his voice a delicate tune in the tranquility of the nursery. "I have something I wish to impart to you."

With a shaking hand, he ventured into the folds of his robe and created a little velvet box, its items stowed away from view. Eagerly, Riko looked as he opened the container, uncovering a shining jewel ring that sparkled in the daylight like a star against the night sky.

"Riko," her lord said, his eyes sparkling with feeling. "Will you do me the distinction of turning into my better half?"

Tears welled in Riko's eyes as she looked at the ring, her heart spilling over with adoration and delight. With a brilliant grin, she gestured her head, her voice gagged with feeling.

"Indeed, my adoration," she murmured. "I will wed you."

Furthermore, at that time, as the cherry blooms whirled around them like confetti and the pleasant fragrance of jasmine consumed the space, Riko realize that her affection had been responded — an affection that would persevere forever, similar to a guide of light in the dimness.

As the seasons passed and the years moved by, Riko and her lord were hitched underneath the cherry blooms in a function that was however gorgeous as it seemed to be sincere. Together, they fabricated a daily existence loaded up with affection and chuckling, their bond developing further as time passes.

What's more, however they confronted their portion of hardships, they arose triumphant, their adoration a fort that could endure even the fiercest of tempests. For in the core of Sakura Slopes, in the midst of the cherry blooms and jasmine blossoms, Hoshino Riko had thought that she is cheerfully ever later — an adoration that was hers and hers alone, an affection that would persevere forever./