DASD-863 A Story Of A Beautiful Married Wife Who Mad At Her Mother In Law And Take Revenge To Steal Her Husband Instead Riho Fujimori

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ID Code: DASD-863

Release Date: 27/05/2021

Category: Censored , Underwear , Big boob , NTR , Big ass , Lingerie , Big Butt , Slut , JOI , Beautiful Girl , Cuckold , Step Father

Actress: Yamamoto Shuri

Tags: DASD- , Das! JAV , DASD-863 , DASD-863 JAV

Studio Label: Das!

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Bigojav summary of DASD-863 Jav: A married woman who got into a normal family but got involve in not so good mother in law and usually pick on her so she decided to take revenge on her.

DASD-863 Yamamoto Shuri Jav: Shuri-san is a young wife who has just got into a normal family and living happily with her husband but her days is not last for long because of the sassy mother in law who usually pick on her on everything she did.

She so sad and mad at her but didn't know what to do until one days, she saw her father in law is masturbate all by himself.

That was tickle off her curious and finding out that his wife is not having sex with him for so long so he had to this.

So that sparkle up her idea of take revenge on this sassy mother in law by seduce her own father in law and make him her sex pet for sexual urge.

A very well written script and the act by Shuri-san itself (especially the sex in behind the door one!) that make this video is a hot and sexy one that i would recommend to anyone.