CAWD-201 In The Eve Of Married, My Dad Said

Movie Information:

ID Code: CAWD-201

Release Date: 30/04/2021


Actress: Itou Mayuki


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Bigojav summary of CAWD-201 Jav: A man who has a beautiful daughter who about to get married but he did not want to give her to anyone else so he did a compromise with her daughter.

CAWD-201 Itou Mayuki Jav: Mayuki-san is a wonderful daughter of a family of only two people as her mother died when she was very young so her father really love her a lot.

One days, when she asked him if she could get a married with a man she loves and all of her receive is a silent from her father.

And that was to be unexpected when she was so tired after travel a long day to meet him and sleep soundly in the couch, her father came in.

He waiting for her own daughter to be in deep sleep and just start to molest her continuously until she wake up.

And he asked: "If you want to get married, i will refuse as because you are mine and mine alone".